Pheobe's Stupid Cancer

A "niece" of mine - by marriage - by possibly distant marriage, in fact....was diagnosed with cancer last year. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say, she and her husband, Ryan, just pulled out the stops and went head to head with the cancer, even creating a charming (is that possible?) blog called "Phoebe's Stupid Cancer"

In the end, Phoebe is well and she sent out this handmade card to thank all the people who had been there for her in multiple ways. This is so sweet - the saying so mindful - that the card is on my bulletin board for me to look at every day as I sit at my desk. Thank YOU, Phoebe, for reminding us of this. And godspeed!


  1. This made my morning, Alecia. Thank you. Again. So glad you are a part of my huge, oddly connected, amazing family!
    Much love and much respect,

  2. Wow Alecia......... I really loved your post and that lucky Phoebe... Guess miracles do happen if you are worh having one. I do believe that all that you need to have miracles is BELIEF


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