Brain dead for words, but got it in images - arriving in Firenze

The (beloved) Arno. From Santa Trinita - our kissing bridge.

I love this place. But a bit  So funny to be so relaxed now, after 6-7 visits....we just feel at home. I LOVE coming to a place where I can get right to where I want to go, to hit the ground feeling solid and ready and confident. And that is Florence now. Good thing! We are "entertaining" 4 guests from the US starting tomorrow! For now...just some images from the day. Thanks for hanging out here. Ciao!

Of course, this is Il Duomo with the dome...Giotto's bell tower and the Baptistery in the front left.
How did all this brilliance land in one place at one time?

Ghiberti's Doors of Paradise (well, a copy) Originals in museum behind Il Duomo.
Said to have been the official beginning of the Renaissance. 1401.

Home in Firenze - Palazzo Ginori. In the same family since 1500. 

Our apartment for a week - Nonna in Palazzo Ginori. How sweet is this?

I'm skeptical of new places in Firenze, but there is a new restaurant / shop / bar / flower shop across the street - all
rolled into one. Kind of reminds me of ABC in New York. Ran across the street to pick up flowers for the apartment when we settled in. Really charming!


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