How I Work Best: The Easy Way to Decorate

My client's bag - this is no "grandma" of a client - even though she, like me, appreciates old classic antiques.

  A few weeks ago I got a new client. She only wanted to decorate (not renovate) which was nice news to me as renovations involve a lot of people and time. She is renting an apartment while she decides if Charleston is for her (it seems to be!) and wants a charming place to live no matter where she is. We discussed finding her things that would be great anywhere, anytime. It's really all I want to do these days. 

My attitude is that every piece should stand on its own - not be a part of a suite of furniture. This even goes for the fabrics (though I am sometimes weak when it comes to matching curtains, slipcovers and bedcovers.) The piece should just be it's own thing that you bring into the room. Then if you move, it will go nicely in another room.

This client had a few decent upholstered pieces - a sofa and lounge chair, so we looked for the filler pieces. She was also in quite a hurry - and loves antiques - so the perfect client to just jump into shopping the local antiquarians and loading up a van to see how it all worked. In the end we selected oodles of pieces from (2 separate shops about a mile apart) and they delivered them "on approval." We kept every single piece. 👊

Here is a sampling of the things that found their way into her home - it's as if her Grandma from London croaked and left her with a lovely assortment of English classics , then threw in a few continental pieces (the French chair, painted chest, and French Empire gilded mirror) and an assortment of Asian things. Such a natural cross-pollination of objects!

What is most client is probably 40 years old and very stylish with her uber cool Valentino bag with guitar strap, this antique thing seems to either touch people ... or not. But, it's clearly "my thing" and I can put together a place in no time when the client understands the charm of living with antiques.  


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