Post Facebook - Meta World....Retro Move Back to Blogging

Greetings at the end of 2021. I woke up today feeling that if I didn't do something to shake loose this Groundhog's Day of a pandemic life with all the ancillary horrible things orbiting the Coronavirus sun that I might start looking for a liquor to put me to sleep like Rip Van Winkle, who woke up twenty years later, having missed the Revolutionary War. I would like to skip the next few weeks and maybe months, please. But I don't really want to croak yet. 

So I think of the things I've done in the past to feel better and they include the following:

  • Writing
  • Traveling with Lee 
  • Studying something new - learning 
  • Reading
  • Puttering in my home
(Wondering what makes you out there feel better??? Do tell!) 

So here I go again with blogging. It's SOOOOO retro. But part of this is that I can't really take what Facebook has done to the world and no "Meta" name change makeover undoes the damage. (And Facebook includes Instagram no matter how I wish it didn't.)

I'm not new to blogging. You will see, if you dive deep, that I started this in 2007. Isn't that crazy!? Then, I quit in 2016 because blogging was getting too popular in that Influencer kind of way. And it always bugs me when that happens. Like I started yoga in 1973 before lycra was even invented! But wanted to quit when it became too commercialized - hot yoga, Lululemon, Power Yoga, swinging in a stupid sling yoga during which a friend of mine broke her arm. I still did yoga but had to be the old school yoga for me. With teachers that were 60 years old. 

My point is this: I'm having that moment again where I just want to escape from the mass experience of IG and Pinterest and Facebook (I closed my FB account the month Donald Trump became president in 2017 but with full transparency, I won't give up IG altogether at the moment because I still rather like it and I'm not that much of a courageous purist. But I know it's not altogether right. Let's see how this little experiment goes....)   

I am discovering that I don't even see half the people I "follow" on IG because apparently it's not serving the company's algorithms! And influencers! Don't get me started...paid publicists. 
I want to be this kind of "influencer": to share my experience of authentic, unpretentious but interesting rooms, to role model aging with some sense of humor, any grace I'm granted and with self-awareness and to talk about whatever else I am moved to say without needing to count my likes. (Don't get me wrong! I love having people read my blogs and interact with me, but no daily tallies, thank you.)  My topics will be varied, but I'll mostly write about interiors, a little about fashion, food and relationships, and something about travel when we do that again.

This blog is called Musings from an Interior World because I am very interested in our interior selves. My husband once mentioned a phrase - "Inner Fitness"-  not sure he coined it, but the idea is a good one. I will also explore this - the double entendre of "interior" - both the outer beauty of a room and the inner beauty of a life well-lived. I hope you will join me. 


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