Friday, July 13, 2007

And Spike Lee, too.

The Thursday flower market in Florence. Lunch in Fiesole – Spaghetti di Poverella – Poor Man’s Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chili pepper, parsley and parmeggiano reggiano. Yum again. View of Florence from the hillside town, Fiesole.
Fiesole. After a quick trip through the Thursday Flower market in Florence, we board a bus for 1,20 euro each and climb the hill to Fiesole, an old (very old) town settled by the Romans (according to story) so long ago I can’t even imagine it. The city boasts Etruscan ruins which makes it even older than that. So that just makes it confusing. Did the Etruscans settle Fiesole or the Romans?

It is the sweetest, sleepiest little town and I could just be very happy with a little home in Fiesole, overlooking the elegant city of Florence. It’s hillside position makes it attractive for summer residency, especially, when the heat settles in the valley and the city.

We walked, had a wonderful lunch and soaked up the breezes. At one point, I asked Lee what he was thinking – he’d been quietly zoned out across the table from me, gazing about the town. He just shook his head and said, “Bliss-meter” and made that goofy noise like a car alarm or something – like we’d gone beyond what the Bliss-meter could even handle. Made me laugh. It was true.

The craziest thing we saw all day is this: there is a Spike Lee Film Festival happening in Fiesole as I write this. 5 days. Spike Lee is here. Go figure. We think it would be cool to go, though. They show the films in the old Roman arena.

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  1. Alecia,
    I spoke with Ian Grant this morning- who recommended I contact you to help me with decorating my fiance George's mid century modernish house near Sunfish Lake. George also takes photos of food when he travels. Continued bliss, Lorie