Friday, May 21, 2010


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This was on Sartorialist blog today - Called "White Heat" - Florence, Italy.

A watercolor of Firenze I found in a shop here in NY - got it for Lee for Valentine's.

The building from our rooftop - doesn't it look like it should be on a hillside in Tuscany?

The bigger view.

Mi amore.

Lee and I have a big question to answer? Where will we live? We are both sensitively wired around "place." I can't talk much more about it now because we really are in that liminal space - complete and utter unknowing. I can either enjoy that or fall apart. Today...I'm okay with it. are a couple of nice images. We occasionally go up to the roof of our apartment building. It is not finished, but still offers a place in the sun and a transcendent view - if you like cities. I discovered this incredible piece of architecture a couple of blocks away, built on the top of an old apartment building - and I would swear it was something out of the Renaissance in Italy. So stripped down and raw.

Right here in the middle of New York City. It made us ponder our deep desire to return to Italy sooner than later.

Then, at noon today, my dear husband came home on this 80-degree day and took a little nap (25 children would wear anyone out.) I watched him on the daybed, fell completely in love with him again in the moment and thought, he looks like he belongs in Italy. The beautiful long graying hair, the shades, the outfit, the napping in the middle of the day. I love this man.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Izzy update

Isabelle in Madrid with her best friend there - Gino.

Many of you are asking about Isabelle. Again, the kindness of strangers has been overwhelming. Parents from Lee's class, Sergio, from Spain, researched Isabelle's doctors and the hospital in Madrid where she was taken and reassured me she is in very good hands. His wife, Bess, was just there to talk and offer their help in translating, in connections. The husband of a client in Minneapolis is an ER doctor (Mike and Marla,thank you) took Izzy's Spanish records, and had them translated and evaluated by the team of cardiologists with whom he works. People are kind.

Isabelle is fine. She will have to have surgery to correct her condition because that is a better option than staying on heart meds for the rest of your life - especially when she's starting out at only 20. She has another test next week in Spain. But, we've decided she'll have the surgery in Minnesota - it's not all that complicated, but will be best to have her home, we think.

She's emotionally beginning to prepare to leave Spain and, feeling closer to her group of friends than she's ever felt to anyone, she anticipates the painful withdrawal. She's had an amazing year, one I couldn't have dreamed of when I was 20. I was not a risk-taker...then. I want to be like Izzy when I grow up. :-)

Thank you for your care.


Chic, no?

After a month of allowing my world to just drop around me - my world of design, books, fashion, words - I went to Barnes & Noble this weekend and bought a stack of European magazines - Italian, French, English. I haven't looked at a magazine for a month. Today, I'm going to buy a new book. A little Joan Didion, I think. She is mesmerizing.

But...for now...with the spark coming back - here is something I saw in the NY Times - a hotel suite in Istanbul. So, so chic. Nothing lights my fire more than modern furniture in old architecture. As my friend Sabena would say, "It rocks my world."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend in NY

Not feeling so wordy lately - plenty to talk about in therapy! And plenty of writing to do during the day. But, I am moved daily by the city around me - and more than in just a visual way. It is a feeling. I love it here. Just some images from the weekend.


Our favorite new activity. Sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan. For me, it is almost like sitting in front of a fire or on a beach - crazy, no? My mind just gets soft. In a good way.

This is the "gnome house" Lee's 2nd graders built beneath a Tamarack pine tree in Central Park. The sticks in front spelled out the word "Welcome" before they were displaced.

The shrimp at Citerella. As if it were off the dock in Charleston. So sweet. Great price! $9.99 pound.

Signs of early summer on our table.

Friday night dinner. How good life is!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What I want for Summer

I want a long dress. (If I could pick up the arms at a good price, I'd take those too. :-)

Saw this last week at the ballet at Lincoln Center.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Really random post

Okay, last week I went out to dinner with a friend in Minneapolis, came home, exhausted.
I had two glasses of wine with dinner. I couldn't have been that looped. I dropped into bed. When I woke up the next morning, this is what was next to my bed. This is how I slipped out of my jeans and boots. I'm not even sure I could recreate this if I tried...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Freudian Slip?

Okay - so I just posted the blog about Freud. Now this is not entirely random - my husband is getting his Ph.D. in Depth Psychology - which includes a hefty study of Freud's work - so an array of books on Freud fill the shelves of our library.

But...a few minutes ago, Lee and I were watching some sports news and I said, "I want to know why Tiger quit the tournament today." (He dropped out of the golf tournament today on the 7th hole.)

Lee said, "He left because he had a bulging dick." Then, he started laughing. "I mean 'disc'. He has a bulging disc. God, that was pure Freud."

I'm still laughing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Freud's Office and Something about Libido (source of this photo)

Why do I love this so much? I was reading about the meaning of the word "libido" per Freud and Jung's interpretations of it. I knew they saw it as a force toward a generative life - life forces - as well as sexual energy. My libido - as a life force and sexual energy - has been turbulent, unstable; strong one moment in one area of my life, but missing in action altogether in another. This chaos is both exciting and exhausting.

But, I can feel it is now coming into some balance with a little help from my friends, my acupuncturist, my therapist and my husband, my children and little bit of prayer. So, on the way to finding out more about libido - I found this.

It made me happy. I am such a shallow person. :-)

Happy weekend.