Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Izzy update

Isabelle in Madrid with her best friend there - Gino.

Many of you are asking about Isabelle. Again, the kindness of strangers has been overwhelming. Parents from Lee's class, Sergio, from Spain, researched Isabelle's doctors and the hospital in Madrid where she was taken and reassured me she is in very good hands. His wife, Bess, was just there to talk and offer their help in translating, in connections. The husband of a client in Minneapolis is an ER doctor (Mike and Marla,thank you) took Izzy's Spanish records, and had them translated and evaluated by the team of cardiologists with whom he works. People are kind.

Isabelle is fine. She will have to have surgery to correct her condition because that is a better option than staying on heart meds for the rest of your life - especially when she's starting out at only 20. She has another test next week in Spain. But, we've decided she'll have the surgery in Minnesota - it's not all that complicated, but will be best to have her home, we think.

She's emotionally beginning to prepare to leave Spain and, feeling closer to her group of friends than she's ever felt to anyone, she anticipates the painful withdrawal. She's had an amazing year, one I couldn't have dreamed of when I was 20. I was not a risk-taker...then. I want to be like Izzy when I grow up. :-)

Thank you for your care.


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