Friday, May 21, 2010


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This was on Sartorialist blog today - Called "White Heat" - Florence, Italy.

A watercolor of Firenze I found in a shop here in NY - got it for Lee for Valentine's.

The building from our rooftop - doesn't it look like it should be on a hillside in Tuscany?

The bigger view.

Mi amore.

Lee and I have a big question to answer? Where will we live? We are both sensitively wired around "place." I can't talk much more about it now because we really are in that liminal space - complete and utter unknowing. I can either enjoy that or fall apart. Today...I'm okay with it. are a couple of nice images. We occasionally go up to the roof of our apartment building. It is not finished, but still offers a place in the sun and a transcendent view - if you like cities. I discovered this incredible piece of architecture a couple of blocks away, built on the top of an old apartment building - and I would swear it was something out of the Renaissance in Italy. So stripped down and raw.

Right here in the middle of New York City. It made us ponder our deep desire to return to Italy sooner than later.

Then, at noon today, my dear husband came home on this 80-degree day and took a little nap (25 children would wear anyone out.) I watched him on the daybed, fell completely in love with him again in the moment and thought, he looks like he belongs in Italy. The beautiful long graying hair, the shades, the outfit, the napping in the middle of the day. I love this man.

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