Friday, March 30, 2012

The Joy of a Weekend

Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to pop open - it is a harsh image. Never mind. That won't happen. Still...I really feel that way sometimes after a full week of work - create create create. Account account account. I love my work, but it can very cerebral and intense. Like someone is searching a computer with a question and my brain is the colorful spinning top responsible for the answer.

So, the weekend comes and I just want to live in my body, in the sensate world. So I went to buy more boxes for packing, picked up Lucia's take out veggies and fish cake (YUMMMM!) and put on some tunes and danced around the apartment while packing for our move. Lee is still in Denver training to administer and interpret the Meyer's Briggs  - and I guess it is SUPER cool! I can't wait to hear all about myself! :-)

Okay back to this world of thinking and creating and meeting and extraverting vs. the more sensate world.....

Jeesh, I just want to crawl into my own little nest and dance and drink wine and eat pate. And not much else. Maybe talk to someone I completely love. That's it. Nothing else. Okay maybe write. but before I could even do that, i would have to peel away a layer. And I feel like that would take a couple of weeks which is exactly what I have in Italy in about a month.

So....what else?

Well, 510 is coming along and that is a thrilling antidote to my otherwise cerebral world - it is very in your face, intuitive, not a lot of thinking - just kind of reactive decision making. Sure, paint it this color! What about a black tiled kitchen? Feels right! go for it.

Well...maybe sleep on it.

Hope you all had a good week. Here are a couple images from 510 today with the painters. They are so EARNEST!
The lovely kitchen....the electrical work looks like a GI tract. Because the building is concrete, they actually used a jackhammer to chisel out the concrete to embed the wire.
The Dining | Library - my favorite room. They've added the picture moulding!
Stephan painting - working his magic. They really are just the most conscientious painters!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Lee left for Denver today. He is going to become certified as a Meyer's Briggs consultant. 4 days inside in a room sitting in a chair at a table...he will keep his "sole" in the room. Sort of post-graduate school, I guess. I am honestly so excited for him. I'm kind of a Meyers Briggs freak and can't wait for him to give me the long version test. I'm so all about our types!

But, to be honest, I am totally schizophrenic about being away from him. On one hand, I kind of have post traumatic stress about a separation after living apart for FIVE YEARS. On the other hand, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY to be alone, introvert that I am becoming at this stage of life.

In my pj bottoms and cashmere sweater and slippers since 4:00 today just working. Starting at 6:00, I spent an hour paging through my magazines - World of Interiors, especially. Then, I made a salad with feta and walnuts and opened a bottle of wine. So nice to not make a big deal of dinner. I've been working, happily moving papers from one place to another. On Pandora - Red Molly. Chill. The new Dixie Chicks. Happy! Happy! I have a TO DO list dripping over the edge of the table, but still....happy.

My happiest role in life now is being Lee's wife. Still, I need my own private time and holy space. When I don't have to talk to or respond to or fret about or hold another human being. I listen to my folk and country music, especially Waylon Jennings singing "Amanda".  I write my stories. I eat rice crackers and baba ganoush and drink and imagine.

Find some time for holy space. Peace, friend.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One of my problems is that I love a lot of styles. I am sanguine and can bounce from one idea to the next at about 90 mph with gusts up to 200. Hurricane force. So trying to decide what to do for our own place while the subs stand in the apartment waiting patiently for my decision is really stressful.

(Not like someone is bleeding stressful. Like too much joy stressful.)

So I look at images all the time - for clients and for myself and these are some i have seen in the last few weeks that I found inspiring - whether they are right for our place, I'm not sure, but just good places with good people with good taste - in my book, anyway.

Fendi in Rome. SOOOO crazy gorgeous.
From The Selby website.

Angelika Taschen's bedroom. Love the TV on the floor. I am definitely
over TVs on the wall. The electrician wired our wall for a TV and I asked
him to please move it down so it could just sit on something.
From The Selby.

Taschen's dining room. From The Selby.

I forget whose studio this is, but so elegant!
The Selby

I want this phone. Does anyone know where I can get it?????

Monday, March 19, 2012

Anatomy of a Renovation

We are modestly renovating our new apartment at 510 Groveland and when I walked in a couple of weeks ago to see what the contractor had done, I almost got sick to my stomach. Now...most of you know I am a designer. I renovate, renovate, renovate! But, guess what? I renovate with my client's money, not mine. I've NEVER renovated a place in my life. Okay....I've painted and I've had my floors done twice.  That story of the shoemaker's child is really quite a cliche, but somehow true, nonetheless.

Why does it make me sick to my stomach? Because I have to pay to put it all back together!!!!!
But I know that, in the end, it will be an elegant place. The crabapple trees outside our window alone will make it beautiful.

We are doing something akin to "lipstick" - just the bones - polish up the floor, add some groovy lights, a coat of white paint and some appliances that actually work. That's about it for Phase I. Then, we move in, unpack some clothes, make up a bed and leave for Italy on April 23 for OUR FIRST RETREAT IN FLORENCE! (Okay, we only have one couple, but it is happening. You know, sometimes you start small.)

For's what 510 looks like and I'll keep you posted. We've got a ways to go before move-in. Painters started today. They are so cute - just very earnest about their work.

The plumber began to plumb the gas line so I could have a gas range instead of an electric one. That is one expensive puppy, but I am going for it. I've lived with a stupid electric range for 7 years and I am so over it! I want my gas back.

And the floor guys are looking for more of the weird wood "tiles" so they can patch the floor where we took out odd little 1980's corner cabinets with glass shelving.

Here is what I saw this morning:


Corner of Living Room - look at the markings from the original picture moulding!
We will replace it.

From Living Room through kitchen into Library / Dining Room

Library / Dining Room - after shelving has been removed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Another Wednesday at the Stevenses

Cocktail hour at the Stevenses. The cupboards are mostly bare, but there is Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic from the coop, some concoction made without corn syrup which seems fundamentally better for us and especially for Lee, who is a Type I diabetic. I am drinking wine and we are talking about what a good day we had. When, suddenly, Lee announces that he is really hungry. So, I go to work on dinner, but, in the meantime, he needs a snack, so grabs the Sushinori, or roasted seaweed. Now, someone told him this would be good for him.

When I met Lee he was all about Davanni's and even McDonald's and Burger King. He's a changed man. Who could argue? Sushinori and gin and tonic on a wet March evening. Love this man!