Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One of my problems is that I love a lot of styles. I am sanguine and can bounce from one idea to the next at about 90 mph with gusts up to 200. Hurricane force. So trying to decide what to do for our own place while the subs stand in the apartment waiting patiently for my decision is really stressful.

(Not like someone is bleeding stressful. Like too much joy stressful.)

So I look at images all the time - for clients and for myself and these are some i have seen in the last few weeks that I found inspiring - whether they are right for our place, I'm not sure, but just good places with good people with good taste - in my book, anyway.

Fendi in Rome. SOOOO crazy gorgeous.
From The Selby website.

Angelika Taschen's bedroom. Love the TV on the floor. I am definitely
over TVs on the wall. The electrician wired our wall for a TV and I asked
him to please move it down so it could just sit on something.
From The Selby.

Taschen's dining room. From The Selby.

I forget whose studio this is, but so elegant!
The Selby

I want this phone. Does anyone know where I can get it?????

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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing your new place looking like that first picture!! No, all of them! yay!!