Monday, March 26, 2012


Lee left for Denver today. He is going to become certified as a Meyer's Briggs consultant. 4 days inside in a room sitting in a chair at a table...he will keep his "sole" in the room. Sort of post-graduate school, I guess. I am honestly so excited for him. I'm kind of a Meyers Briggs freak and can't wait for him to give me the long version test. I'm so all about our types!

But, to be honest, I am totally schizophrenic about being away from him. On one hand, I kind of have post traumatic stress about a separation after living apart for FIVE YEARS. On the other hand, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY to be alone, introvert that I am becoming at this stage of life.

In my pj bottoms and cashmere sweater and slippers since 4:00 today just working. Starting at 6:00, I spent an hour paging through my magazines - World of Interiors, especially. Then, I made a salad with feta and walnuts and opened a bottle of wine. So nice to not make a big deal of dinner. I've been working, happily moving papers from one place to another. On Pandora - Red Molly. Chill. The new Dixie Chicks. Happy! Happy! I have a TO DO list dripping over the edge of the table, but still....happy.

My happiest role in life now is being Lee's wife. Still, I need my own private time and holy space. When I don't have to talk to or respond to or fret about or hold another human being. I listen to my folk and country music, especially Waylon Jennings singing "Amanda".  I write my stories. I eat rice crackers and baba ganoush and drink and imagine.

Find some time for holy space. Peace, friend.

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