Friday, March 30, 2012

The Joy of a Weekend

Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to pop open - it is a harsh image. Never mind. That won't happen. Still...I really feel that way sometimes after a full week of work - create create create. Account account account. I love my work, but it can very cerebral and intense. Like someone is searching a computer with a question and my brain is the colorful spinning top responsible for the answer.

So, the weekend comes and I just want to live in my body, in the sensate world. So I went to buy more boxes for packing, picked up Lucia's take out veggies and fish cake (YUMMMM!) and put on some tunes and danced around the apartment while packing for our move. Lee is still in Denver training to administer and interpret the Meyer's Briggs  - and I guess it is SUPER cool! I can't wait to hear all about myself! :-)

Okay back to this world of thinking and creating and meeting and extraverting vs. the more sensate world.....

Jeesh, I just want to crawl into my own little nest and dance and drink wine and eat pate. And not much else. Maybe talk to someone I completely love. That's it. Nothing else. Okay maybe write. but before I could even do that, i would have to peel away a layer. And I feel like that would take a couple of weeks which is exactly what I have in Italy in about a month.

So....what else?

Well, 510 is coming along and that is a thrilling antidote to my otherwise cerebral world - it is very in your face, intuitive, not a lot of thinking - just kind of reactive decision making. Sure, paint it this color! What about a black tiled kitchen? Feels right! go for it.

Well...maybe sleep on it.

Hope you all had a good week. Here are a couple images from 510 today with the painters. They are so EARNEST!
The lovely kitchen....the electrical work looks like a GI tract. Because the building is concrete, they actually used a jackhammer to chisel out the concrete to embed the wire.
The Dining | Library - my favorite room. They've added the picture moulding!
Stephan painting - working his magic. They really are just the most conscientious painters!

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