Friday, September 28, 2007

The liquid rituals of my day

I have just realized that my days are deeply defined by rituals involving liquids. Espresso with foamed whole milk in the morning. First thing. I mean FIRST thing. Wine in early evening - especially while cooking - and tea after dinner / before bed. That is about it. That is the structure of my day. The rituals are non-negotiable. I must partake in them no matter where I am. Minneapolis - at home. In Northfield with my mother (I take my own espresso pot.) In Italy. In Amsterdam. In Santa Monica. In Boston. In a little cabin in Wisconsin. It is going to happen no matter the time zone. I am generally pleasant about it because it tends to be socially acceptable. But, make no mistake, if you personally found it unacceptable, get out of my way. I would find my drink of choice like an addict finds his smack. But, then, I like ritual. And, especially, that Lee and I share all three of these moments of the day. Nothing like having an enabler in your life.

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