Sunday, May 25, 2008

DC, NY, where am I now?

Photo labels have me confounded tonight so here's the list:
1. Zan in the crowd at GW commencement (LOVE the word commencement-I think we are in the middle of a commencement.)

2. Zan and Izzy at commencement - DC

3. Zan and me on campus - a rare moment

4. Editors at Met Home - lunch in NY - (left to right) Barbara Bohl-DC, Donna Warner-ed-in-chief NY, Nisi Berryman-Miami, Linda O'Keefe-Design Director NY, Me, Susan Victoria-NY.

5.Baby Miles with dad - Landon Stevens

I'm a homebody. Not complaining - I love to travel too - well, I love to SEE new places, but there's nothing like being in my own home - with my own cappuccino pot, my own newspaper on the front step, and puttering at my desk. I need my rituals.

On the 17th of May, Lee and I flew to DC for my son's graduation from college. wow. it took place on the National Mall - chairs lined up looking at the Capitol building with the single American flag flying in front of the dome. It was kind of moving. Lots of dinners out, parties with my son's friends and their parents (very funny! they were all like US - slightly old hippies.)

After two days, we got on the train for New York. My husband has just taken a job there (woah!) and I had this party (waay less of a deal than I mad of it.) We LOVED the train - so Euro for us - why aren't there trains everywhere????

We popped out at Penn Station and had to get ourselves oriented enough to find our way to the hotel in Chelsea - the new Desmond Tutu Hotel - a gem of a hotel for the price.
But orienting is easy when you know how to lift your hand and flag a cab - which we did for the next three days. It put quite a crimp in our pocketbook but I didn't know how crazy it would be to actually keep appointments in NY. Lee had to be at his new school every morning at 8 (he was "observing") and I had a furniture show, a party and of course, a plane to catch in the end. I made it my duty and personal goal to master the subway from Chelsea to the Upper East Side on the final day of our visit. And, for $2 and 20 minutes of my time, I did it! Much better than cab fare and sitting in traffic on 10th avenue.

The ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) was fabulous for a budding modernist. But for me, the highlight was lunch with my fellow editors - an amazing group of smart middle aged women with imaginative personal style. The best part? they weren't trying to look 25. (Yes, that is a reference to my time in LA...) They looked waaay better than that!

We arrived home on Wednesday night and at 9:00 a.m. the next morning, we picked up our son (my step-son, his partner/girlfriend and their baby, Miles - age 4 months.)Love at first sight...and I'm glad to be home. I miss my silence.

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