Monday, February 23, 2009

In the City - Horns in Honor of Domino

Found at Center 44 - an antiques and boutique "mall" on the 2nd floor of a building on 44th

Loved this! Want my client to have it for her entry.

My favorite "horns" - found at Ted Muehling's (the fantastic jewelry designer) shop in SoHo. Just a simple set of elk horns wrapped with gold wire and hung from the ceiling.

Another specialty of Domino Decorating were the horns. They were everywhere (along with acrylic, Morcoccan rugs and sheepskin!) So I have been noticing them lately. Here are three I have seen in the last few days here in New York. Top two were at an antique "mall" - the last was not for sale, but loved the idea of it. I think with horns you either go all out or take it easy - one is probably enough for a whole house. I like a small set on a large wall or the only thing over a fireplace. My new thing is small art on big walls. Not sure why. Seems like everyone is doing big art these days. I just love how much attention a piece gets when it is small.

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