Saturday, July 18, 2009

My new sofa

Sorry this is dark - that pesky iphone camera doesn't adjust for light.

Since I moved half of our furniture to New York last August, I have been living with an empty living room. As a designer and "nester," I felt discouraged every time I walked into my apartment here in Minneapolis. I didn't want to have friends over....where would they sit? I had to do something - and on the cheap.

In January, I said I wanted an Italian sofa - the Flexfrom Lifesteel model was what I had in mind. Never mind that it would have never fit into my apartment without a forklift through the window...never mind that it cost $9000. But it soon became quickly clear that it wasn't going to happen this year - you know, the economy and all. So I settled on one from the Room & Board Outlet store with that "Italian look." (Quite the downsize, I know.) But, it gives me a chance to try this uber modern look on for size in my uber-traditional apartment without breaking the bank.

Could use some color in pillows or a throw. But, I like it. I'm turning into a modernist, after all.

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