Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change is in the Air

Ilse Crawford Project in Stockholm. Look at this wall!

Ilse Crawford project, above.

I have that back to school thing going - that sense that I need a change of wardrobe, of looks (thankfully NOT of husbands!)of the food I eat. A cleaning of the closets and shelves bulging with catalogs I no longer use for my business

I had our apartment in Minneapolis painted this week and it is so glorious - so fresh and calm; it was a long time coming. that change feels really good. I'm into this painting style right now that I really first saw in Ilse Crawford's projects ( - painting the trim / casings / baseboards the same color as the walls. I love how calm it is and sort of old world. So that is what I did in our apartment. Painted the trim and walls the same Ben Moore color (Ben Moore 1555 - Winter Orchard.) Now, Lee loves it, but I can't possibly fess up to the name of the color. He gets very blue in this winter climate (thus a 3 year stint in Santa Monica!) and if I told him he was living in a color called Winter Orchard....well, I don't want to imagine it. I guess I could tell him it is called Spring Lilacs - his favorite thing in the whole world next to his grandson and possibly moi.

I'm doing the same thing for two design projects right now....I think it is really great. Now...on to the next change.....

Carine - can we pull that off here in America in our mid- late 50's??? She is 56.

More about changes....I want to change my look - so here is my inspiration -Carine Roitfeld - French - editor of French Vogue and only one year younger than me! Thinking I like her simple, even slightly stringy hair. I have this fine hair, too. What do you think of her look? How do French women look so chic? She is clearly channeling the '70s with the kohl eyes and this hair (or she just stayed out too late last night) but it so works on her. Anna Wintour, the American Vogue editor known for her incredible style and bitchy ways, seems a little stiff by comparison. What do you think?

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