Monday, July 11, 2011

Too tired to write but here is some inspiration from NYC!

NEW YORK JUST ROCKS. All from ABC except the guy...can't remember where I saw him, but love his look. More later. I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met and I am mostly speechless about it. Shook my world. Will tell you more soon!

I think this is made of cardboard...a la Frank Gehry.

Love this guy's look.

Hand thrown pottery dishes. So sensual.

On the shelves.

Saw lots of this instead of flowers on tables. Sort of retro '70s to me.

Crazy shelves that remind me of something Italian, but I don't know what!

Lovely 18th C. French bench in muslin. You can feel the horsehair under it!

Italian chair (not sure how old ... did not seem to be gold leaf to me) but the blue worn silk velvet was gorgeous!

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