Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Spa Day for the SELF: Meyer's Briggs - Sat, Oct 20: 9-12

What this is about is a kind of spa morning for the Self. It will be a treat. Think of it as taking a step onto a path of understanding more about yourself and people you love. :-)

Our walking path near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis

Lee has started his "fall tour" - just finished teaching a class based on Rudolf Steiner's work called The Philosophy of Freedom. A devoted group showed up for three weeks, including a darling couple from Mason City, Iowa!

On Sat, Oct 20 (9-12) he's doing his class on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is fascinating if you haven't done the test yourself. And, if you've probably done the short version, which gives you your type. Lee works with the Type II Indicator which digs deep into the layers of preferences. You get to spend the morning learning a bit about the history, but more about YOURSELF - (and maybe a friend or partner or spouse, if they come along) - and isn't this really our favorite topic?!

BUT you have to take the test online BEFORE you show up! What you will get is an amazing 17-page report detailing your every motivation and giving you all the excuses you need for why you procrastinate, why you like a tidy desk, why you can't stand to plan how you will spend your every minute of a vacation, why you love parties or despise parties, why you go silent when you are struggling with an issue, why you can't stop the ideas from coming, or why you prefer to jump into something new rather than finish something old.  And on and on.

Lee will talk about each of the 16 types in a general way, then teach each of you to interpret the results of the 17-page report. My favorite part is the way in which the report helped me understand how I unconsciously deal with stress and how I might find better ways to do that. The second most helpful thing was to simply better understand that the differences Lee and I have are innate preferences and not likely to change any time soon.  It has been miraculous in my appreciation for the difference between introverts and extraverts, intuitives and sensates, thinkers and feelers, especially. Vive la difference!

Lee is working with the Meyers-Briggs with individuals, couples and work groups.

The class costs $150 and includes the online test, the report and the class time.
To register and take the test, go to

(This is one class that does require planning ahead for all you procrastinators! As you must take the test by Thursday, October 18 to have the results ready for the class on Sat.)

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