Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is not a blog post :-)

I was at the Metropolitan Museum today - alone - it was so wonderful to be ambling around New York by myself. Lee was molded to a chair on the 16th floor of an apartment on East 48th - a friend of ours owns it and let us stay this week! The location couldn't be more perfect for me with the D&D (Design and Decoration building) an easy 9 blocks away!

I have wanted to go to the Islamic Exhibit at the Met since it re-opened a year or so ago and today was the day. And by myself, there was no one to hustle me through. I could linger on the tiles and the textiles and snap all the photos I wanted, swooning over the patient and rich beauty and imagining it will somehow, someday make its way into a kitchen or a hallway or a bathroom or a living room.

Here are the shots - I'm posting them on facebook too. I still have no idea how the heck to use that but I'm just going to put my pictures there for now. if you have any tips - pass em along.

P.S. I contacted someone to help me set up a new Blog and he's super busy! Like May busy. So I"m noodling on what to do in the meantime. Stay posted.

Tile. The dark tile is more navy blue than the blackish color you see here. So gorgous!

Velvet and gold textile with the poppy image used to drape the inside of tents.
Yep, we do that when we go to Duluth, too.

This is a Reception Room from the Ottoman Empire. I forget the date!
The ottoman banquette was just killing me!

NOW look at that velvet banquette. In front of the - on the lower level is a beautiful quiet fountain.

Silk velvet and linen  "tiger striped" textile. This gets so modern looking.

A "window" of carved wood set into carved marble.

Details of tile work, carved limestone and wood panel.

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