Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What the Heck...

...have I been doing for 2 weeks? I feel like a noodle in this heat - love it - but feel like doing pretty much nothing. On Sunday, I was in my pjs until 4 in the afternoon. Took a shower then, did a little cookin' in - and never, ever left the apartment. That means I never left the confluence of 72-degree rooms forming our apartment. I didn't go to the car, to the bar, to the entry, nothing. Stayed put in my cotton pajamas and t-shirt. Bliss out.

I don't even know what I did. Got up at 10, sat in front of the fan with my cappuccino, read the Times, read some of the books on my bedside table - so confusing because I am literally reading five right now - I want one for every mood!

For the heck of it...I am reading:

Virginia Woolf  - Moments of Being

Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love (for the 3rd time and studying it for writing lessons.)

Mary Karr - Lit (for the second time, ditto. Think this is brilliant.)

Mark Doty - Heaven's Coast - (for an example of a heavy duty memoir with lots of exposition.Also brilliant but a bit too "oh, look what a smart writer I am" for me. Makes me scream for Hemmingway.)

Forget the author - Let's Pretend this Never Happened. (funny memoir, but not that funny yet.)

What are you reading this summer! Please tell me. i will be done with all these in a week and I seriously panic when I don't have a book. In fact, let's start a new program. KEEP ALECIA'S NIGHTSTAND FILLED WITH BOOKS. Just send your ideas!

I"m not a huge reader of novels, though always open - love Ann Patchett and Hemingway!

All I want to do this summer is check out and read and write. 

Just cooking simple food like this Juevos Rancheros, reading ...and playin' a little croquet.

Lee's fave...juevos....

full of cilantro
510 Groveland Mallet Club

Sorry, team - not regulation uniform!

Sadly, I have to report that Lee's mom is not well so we are on high alert for a quick trip to Boulder for her passing (yeh, I know some people thing that is a sorrowful word for death, but I happen to think it is beautiful because I think it IS a passing from one world to another - not to Heaven, exactly, but to something beyond this physical world) Bags are packed, ipad charged. But, isn't that what summer should be? Fluid.

All for now.


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  1. I recommend Adam Grant's "Give and Take" -- I really enjoyed it.