Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paris in the Afternoon

It had to be after noon because we were in bed until noon. Seriously. Jet lag just hangs around.

But, c'est la vie  = we just got up and out heading toward Luxembourg Gardens with a minor goal of getting to the Rodin Gardens, back through the Tuillieries for beer and rainshower - it was a day of major garden-ing.

I think we walked 9 km today - (6 miles????) We've given up our Couch to 5K since trying to run in Paris the other day , which was less like running and more like hurdles. Way hard with red lights at every corner and people moving all around. We just don't have the running spot here and decided we are too far from the cool ones (like Lux. Gardens.) So the long walking is our substitute. It's good.

Mostly we just couldn't believe how cool it is to be a Parisian on a Saturday in late October when the temp is 65 degrees and the sun is mostly shining (though the clouds in Paris are the coolest ever) and the sky changes dramatically and by the end of the afternoon there was a downpour followed by a beautiful rainbow. Now I think I know why it is called the City of Light. INCREDIBLY beautiful light.

Or how cool especially to be a Parisian child. We have only seen ONE child with any technology since we got here. (Compared to "they are everywhere" in the US - restaurants are filled with kids with technology. Even adults here use it very sparingly. Mostly when they are alone. Not at dinner. But then their hands are busy with a cigarette!)

Here are my favorite photos from Luxembourg Gardens. Just divine to be there on this day.

Local student studies on the balustrade overlooking the center of the gardens.

Lee chilin in the garden.

Insanely adorable little girl looking for rocks near the pond.

Another girl showing off her boat. Heading to the water.

Boys casting off.

Ponies at Luxembourg. What is there to say?

The downpour at Tulieries - from under the tree with Lee.

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