Saturday, November 2, 2013

Over wine conversation...

Lee and I were just discussing the French. It is our first time in France. He was admittedly biased against them. Why? He's old! Who knows? He thought he was mostly doing the trip for me.

But, we both fervently agree, after almost two weeks here, the French are fantastic! They are friendly, accommodating, patient, and really do know how to live, eat, dress and design beautiful buildings.

Besides, most of them know how to speak English (and I can't even imagine the other languages many of them speak) which is more than we can begin to say in the US.

So, we are fans of the French! And forget any concern you have of going to France and thinking they are rude. They are not rude! They are magnificent!

You will need to know about 10 phrases and you will be perfect! So look them up and learn them, but more important, use them!

Hello, Good Day, Good Morning, Good Afternoon.
Good Evening.
Thank you
I would like....
The numbers one through ten is good to know, so you can say...

"I would like two croissants." :-)

Check, please.
How much, please?
I would like to make a reservation for two at eight.
Wonderful! Delicious! Incredible!

That's about it.

Thank you, France, for being so liquid, romantic, and mesmerizing.

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