Thursday, December 19, 2013


Our unadorned Christmas tree. 

Omg. Overwhelmed. By feeling. That Christmas feeling. Music on the Bose. Pizza dough on the marble. Hubby in the room nearby. Alan Jackson. Let it Be Christmas. Dolly Parton. Hard Candy Christmas. "I'm barely gettin' through tomorrow... but still I won't let sorrow bring me way down." Baby, it's cold outside....Lee comes in. Grabs me from behind. Dancing in the kitchen. Kissing my neck. So happy. Want to cry. From happiness. From the bittersweet nature of life. So much joy and woe. William Blake, that would be. I get this feeling that is so authentic I don't know what to do with it in these moments. But living in the work-a-day world is very hard when this hits. This is when I remember when I was an actress and that I write and my old, old friends and living in the South and how that had a feeling about it that the North never has. This is that. Soul stuff. Even when cooking and cleaning up a kitchen, it is a feeling of being alive and how precious that is. Just feeling grateful and poignant and empathetic for those I know who are suffering. And then I just break down and lean against the counter and cry for them and for me and for how beautiful life is. And Zan and Izzy are coming. Then, I eat my pizza.

I know this is really weird.

But, I'm betting you all have moments like this too. Let it be Christmas everywhere.

Here's a little Alan Jackson. Bet you didn't know I'm a country girl when it comes to my music.

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  1. Love the tree! And i fell the same way about Christmas, it's like changing every single thing around and you just feel so much happier throughout the whole season