Sunday, November 8, 2015

What's Important Now: My Husband and My Bag

My water-stained, Velveteen rabbit of a tote / satchel I almost lost.

Just back from 6 days in New York and, for the first time in several years, I can say I'm really happy to be back in Minneapolis. Home. Especially with Lee. That corny's home wherever he is. Charleston, New York, Minneapolis. Well, okay, not L.A. But pretty much anywhere else.

He was so happy to have me home, too. I could feel it. Didn't help that I texted him as we were literally on the tarmack ready to take off - 3rd in line - when the captain stopped the plane and announced a problem with the flaps. I know enough about airplanes to know you don't want a problem with your flaps. You don't even want a potential problem with the flaps. You don't even want a problem with the computer that records the functioning of the flaps. So, I had to tell him I wasn't taking off on time and I know he started to worry.

They fixed the flaps and we took off 2 1/2 hours later. So he worried even more when I told him we were taking off in the plane with the flap problem. But all's well that ends well because I landed, he picked me up, swooped me into his arms and I promptly forgot to pick up my satchel off the sidewalk outside Door 4 at the Minneapolis airport, so happy I was to see him. He had loaded my extra heavy bag into the trunk and I followed like a puppy into my seat. When I got to 510 and we were unloading the behemoth of a bag from the trunk, I realized I had left my satchel (which sounds kind of weird, but I don't know what else to call it) with MY BRAND NEW MAC BOOK PRO WHICH HAS THE MOST COMPLETED VERSION OF MY BOOK sitting there on the sidewalk. WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

I know you are thinking, "Are you stupid? Your book isn't in the Cloud?" Well, I don't know for sure. I have a very recent version in Dropbox, but I changed something a couple weeks ago, a change I really like  - the kind where you go "whew!" and I am not sure I put that in Dropbox. So....yes, I'm stupid.

So tired was I from a couple restless nights of sleep, I had to ask Lee what to do. He suggested I call the airport police, which I did and, bingo....they had my bag. So we drove back to the airport. I say "we" because I was clearly a little loopy / spacey (ya' think?) and he didn't trust me to park the car and ever find it again. So, he was a complete gentleman by driving me back to the airport, parking the car, walking into the airport with me at which point I met a policeman at Lost and Found and retrieved my bag - but only after he informed me that I had committed a misdemeanor and (probably if I'd been any younger or more sassy) he could have slapped me with a ticket and court date!

That's what he said, anyway. I was practically kissing my satchel when he handed it to me, so I'm pretty sure he could see I didn't intend to leave it around to cause anyone harm. Besides, if that was my intent, I would NOT have sacrificed this particular satchel. I get compliments on it wherever I go. It is so practical and chic and made by a colleague of mine - Talin Spring whose company is SpringFinn.

Back to Lee. As we drank the cappuccino side by side with that beautiful sun shining in from the Southern sky - the cappuccino which he makes perfectly for me each morning - I felt a spring of gratitude for him. I remembered how he polished three pairs of my shoes as I was packing for the trip. And as he walked out the door today, the look of relief when he said, "I'm so happy you're home. So happy."

So am I.

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