Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vision work and wish lists.

I am one of those new-agey people who really believes in vision work. You know - they tell you to envision it - see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, being very specific. The color, the size, the whole ball of wax needs to be seared into your brain. I can do this. I seem to have a hearty imagination. Then, of course, you are to write your vision down. So I do that, too. I'm a little superstitious and just prefer to play by the rules. Theories differ on whether or not to share your goals, visions, whatever you want to call them. Usually, I prefer not to - except with Lee when we have a shared vision. But I am making an exception in this case to noodle on the whole concept of vision work.

I really just think this is another way to describe setting a goal or creating something. You have to have an idea about something to manifest it. Like, "Hmmm, I would really like a BLT for lunch." You have to have the idea of BLT before you can physically have it. Then, your mind (or, more precisely, your imagination) starts to figure out how to create it.

Do I go to a restaurant to buy it or go to the grocery, buy the ingredients and make it myself? Do I want it on Foccacia or plain white toast? Do I want mayo on mine or maybe a little pesto? Do I just use what I have in the frig to make it? Or do I just give up, deciding it is too much work and take a bite of peanut butter instead? Unfortunately, the last option is rarely satisfying and does little to exercise our imagination or give us confidence in our capacity to create. It seems a bit like a muscle - use it or lose it.

What is interesting to me is how the mind just gets to work on the BLT. You really don't have to do much to come up with the ways you might get it. I think that is basically true for any vision. If you set the vision (or goal), your imagination just takes over and gives you ideas for how to create it. Sometimes the ideas come from the most bizarre places and at unexpected times. But they do come.

My favorite vision story this year is that a year ago we knew wanted to live in another city and had no idea how that would ever happen or which city it would be. We would even bicker about it. Nothing we could think of with our intellect seemed right. We just knew it needed to have an international feeling, that we could walk and not need a car. Well, as you all know by now, we moved to New York in August this year - with a job. We couldn't for the life of us have "figured it out" because we'd been trying for two years.

We just did our vision work together and when the ideas came for how to proceed, we took the steps - not knowing for sure where they would lead us. You can always say "No" to your vision in the end if you change your mind. But if you don't take action on it as the imagination directs you, you never create anything to say "no" to.

So here is one of the visions I want to create for myself this year. I don't get too excited yet about how I'm going to do it because it seems rather out of reach at the moment - but, that is the job of my imagination and for later. It is not the job of my intellect to figure this out.

I'm warning you, this falls on the shallow end of my "visions" scale but, I really want a Flexform sofa. I want the Flexform Lifesteel sofa in brown or black leather (this detail is still waiting for clarity.) I want a size that can physically be moved into my apartment - which needs to be determined shortly. And I have a photo of it here. I am into Italian furniture these days and when I sat in it, I actually felt like my coolness factor increased exponentially. You get a nice slouchy sit in it, just right for hanging out. I may have to start smoking cigarettes if I buy it, though.

What is on your wish list? Send details and photos!

Next, maybe I'll work on world peace.


  1. Re feeling one's way intuitively - YES! I started a blog about old houses (thanks, Alecia, for the link!) after much procrastinating but also much mental incubating - not knowing quite how, or what, or why - then one day just STARTING! So far, so's coming together.
    We intuit more than we know. Let's ALL work on world peace for '09!

  2. Italian furniture isn't the answer.

  3. This is disappointing. I was hoping to be shallow this year.

  4. The secret is not to try too hard, but to hold the intention, without a lot of details. The universe has a way of providing results that are far better than we would get, if we were doing this all by ourselves.

    Since my focus is gardening, my wish list takes the form of my gardening resolutions for 2009: