Saturday, May 16, 2009

New York Museum Alert

I'll write more later, but Lee and I just spent the morning at the Met. First we saw an exhibit called "Pictures: 1974 - 1985," an exhibit that examines the role of advertising and culture on art (and vice versa.) Really fascinating. Made my brain just ping.

Then, we decided to go to the Costume Institute at the Met - the exhibit is called Model as Muse. It is an exhibit of the role that models have played in the design and marketing / selling of fashion since the elegant, aristocratic Avedon photos of the couture of the 1940's through the 1990's grunge / anti-fashion movements.

I was levitating when I got to the last display of the Giorgio di Sant'Angelo dresses from the early '80's. (I remember wanting one!) I could hardly contain my thrill and excitement to see the Saint Laurent pieces from the Russian collection ('70's - which I lived through the first time - and saw at the Met around 1980,) the John Galliano interpretation of Dior with swaths of tulle and satin, Donna Karan's mid-80's retro glam collection, Lagerfeld's modern Chanel pieces which included biker jackets and boots - (It gave me ideas for how to wear some of my own pieces differently.) OMG! And the Charles James satin gowns!

Okay, I am going to take a sedative and go to the library. Just too much,too much excitement and inspiration for one day.

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