Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling so bourgeois.

I just watched "Valentino - The Last Emperor." Run, don't walk to rent it if you have any soft spot for the couture and the art of the seamstress, which is a dying art, as are many things of quality and craftsmanship. My rug dealer today, whose Persian family has been in business since 1899 in Minneapolis, told me how difficult it is to get new customers - younger people don't know, understand or care about quality. It is all IKEA to them. Sad. Sad. Sad.

So, here is a pair of shoes I just bought from a Parisian woman who has been living in Minneapolis but is moving back to France. She swears she paid over $400 in Paris. I paid $25 at her moving sale. I like my price better. And I love the quality! They look like old lady shoes. I will wear them with everything.

All this matter about beautiful material things makes me feel so bourgeois. And after all this talk of health care....


  1. Hi Alecia,

    I hope you are doing well! I am such a creeper here on your blog, and I have been silently enjoying your thoughts since my days at 3 Pagodas!

    I just have to say that it is designers/writers like you who do make young people care about quality! I learned so much working with you and the likes of my other favorite Minneapolis designers :) I wouldn't trade it for all the IKEA in the world!

  2. I adore these shoes. They remind me of the shoes that my beloved Dominican sisters wore with their tasteful black and white habits. Not old lady shoes, at all. Simple. Sturdy and stylish. And, you are the second person to mention the film about Valentino. Methinks I must see it.
    Finally commenting after many months.

    Madge Mc