Monday, September 21, 2009

Nick and Wendy's Home

South Veranda

Dahlias for the tour.

Custom firescreen by Bo Jacobsen. Talent. Trust me.

The Living Room - Table by Mitch Sondreaal. Designed by moi.

Simple entry.

I just "completed" this home. Completed is in quotes because I am in total denial that I will ever be done with Nick and Wendy - they have become so important to me. Nick, Wendy, Emmett, and little Oliver. So, I will drag the decorating on for as long as possible. need draperies there. More pillows. More art. More of something, surely. I can't leave you.

But, for now...this is what they've got. And, I must say, it could not have been done without the talent and confidence of Mark Larson, the architect ( Then, there is the rest of the team. The contractor, metal worker, plasterer, tile setter, stone setter, landscape architect. I say confidence because you can't imagine how many "design types" can't share a project. Sharing the spirit of a project, creating it as a team, is what rocks my world. I am better for it. And, the homeowners get the best of all of us.

Here are a few images from Nick and Wendy's home. More to come.

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  1. Beautiful job Alecia....especially the table you designed. You are one talented woman!