Friday, June 11, 2010

Alice's Tea Shop

Lee and I went to a little tea shop on the Upper East Side for breakfast yesterday - Alice's Tea Shop (as in Alice in Wonderland)to celebrate the end of the school year. It is on East 81st between 3rd and 2nd and we walked right by Madonna's new home on the way. We were hoping to run into her and welcome her to the hood. It was a very sweet idea, this little tea shop. Minneapolis should do one - somewhere there are lots of kids. Happily, it was also delicious. They are known for their scones and even use them in place of an English muffin for their "benedicts" - I had Eggs Florentine on a buttermilk scone with rosemary hollandaise. Just yummy and about 3 times more than I could eat. We shared a pot of tea - "Drink Me"- a nice detox thing and realized how frivolous and wonderful it is to go out to breakfast on a weekday morning.

The interior was magical. For children, they have fairy wings, dress up clothes, painted sayings on the walls and butterflies on the ceilings. Good idea. Well executed.

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