Sunday, June 20, 2010

Returned. Just in time for the summer solstice.

Scenes from Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

Lee and I arrived in Minneapolis yesterday after three rather chaotic days in New York. On Wednesday night, about 20 of the parents in Lee's class hosted a lovely dinner for us at Girasole on East 82nd near 3rd Avenue. It was so touching. I will write more about it later. The wine flowed. And so did the tears.

On Thursday, our new friends, Esmeralda and Jordie, arrived from Barcelona to use our apartment for 10 days. (We used theirs in Barcelona at Christmas - part of a remarkably good idea - Home Exchanges.) They each arrived with only a small carry on. How is this possible??

Then, on July 1, we have a friend using the apartment for July and August. This meant that the refrigerator must be purged of anything currently moldy or potentially moldy. It meant that the bathroom sparkled, the down comforter was cleaned, the closets were emptied. We filled four suitcases, two backpacks, and two large totes. We schlepped them to our dear friend Andrew and Rob's apartment on East 86th and camped out on their air mattress for the next two nights, digging for something unwrinkled to wear each day out of the over-stuffed luggage. Impossible. I looked like a bag lady for two days.

Yesterday, we came home. I had an upgrade on my seat - it was a Saturday - and business class not so full. Well, who wouldn't love to travel first class? Of course I do, but I would never pay for it. But...Lee...he LOVES it! (Still would never pay for it.) He did not get upgraded because he used miles to get his ticket. SO I had this exquisite power to wheel and deal for this seat - we had more than our share of laughs and in in the end, he agreed to everything I requested. I won't tell you here. Wink. Wink. But life is looking good.

He got seat 2A. I got 7D. And I was happy as a clam with my peanuts and water while he had his chicken wrap and a vodka tonic. I'm so glad I am not high maintenance. :-)

I have lots to write about. I'll save it for later this week. Happy Summer!

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