Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Plan B

Green sauce for the lamb.

Anna's salad.

Philosophy over dinner. I love this.

Lee and I had dinner at Anna's the other night. Now, Anna works a full time job in New York at Holly Hunt. She is my from-some-previous-life-soul-mate. And the girl can cook. She is also my go to for opinions on taste - when I have that little question in my head.

So, we go to her charming West Village apartment for - get this - after a full day of work - grilled lamb with green sauce (which was an amazing hand ground pesto), arugula, pear and proscuiutto salad and = double get this = homemade pumpkin bread pudding.

Well, it was divine. But the coolest part of the night was a conversation we had about a training she had attended at Holly Hunt. The message was...."There is no Plan B."

The sub-text: Make Plan A work.

This is just uber cool. This rocks as a way to live life. This means you become very very intuitive, sensitive, focused and agile.

This is it for me. Since we all make up our lives anyway - at least once we have left the home of our parents - why not make it up the way you want? If I am certain of anything at 57, I am certain that we make this all up.

Examples: I want a job in marketing. Okay...what do you do to get one? I want an apartment in NYC. Okay, what do we have to do to keep it? I want to go back to college. Okay, how does that happen?

Dreams can take time and work and paying your dues. But everything does, so we might as well just go with Plan A. (With this one minor long as the plans are in our hands.)

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