Wednesday, October 27, 2010


From Bergdorf Goodman - online:

From Bergdorf's - see above.

This one is not one I purchased but found this yummy color on Net-a-Porter.

It's official. The Equipment Silk Shirt has finally replaced the DKNY black long sleeved t-shirt as my new uniform. (Before that it was the J.Crew long-sleeved basic T - in black, of course.)

Not only is this a new fabric - it is silk, instead of cotton - I am buying it in colors!
It is also a new shape.

Whew! Even my own mother got really sick of seeing me in those T-shirts every time she saw me.

Of course, now that I have five (yes, 5) of the Equipment shirts, she may get sick of that, too. But, the hubby likes them. Like, he just complimented me in my new ivory silk one. I think he forgot that he complimented me yesterday in the black one and the day before that in the green one. And he really liked the navy charmeuse one. Or he liked the way it felt. Wink. Wink.

It's a good thing. I needed a change. And I'm doing my best to emulate Diane Sawyer's fashion look when I need to look grown up. I don't love to shop. So, when I find something that works, I buy in multiples. Ask DKNY and J. Crew.

It hides a multitude of sins (like too much triple cream brie.)

Note: If you decide to buy one - they run a bit small.

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  1. I can't wait to see you in one!
    And try that Creme Brulee too.

    I just looked up to see how to spell Brulee and I saw that it was triple creame brie. Hmmm I coulda swore I read creme brulee........

    When we see each other, i promise to be up for both.
    Miss you,