Monday, January 10, 2011

Ponder Springtime

We live in an icebox. While the 20" of snow that fell furiously on New York City is now gone, the 17" that fell on Minneapolis has created a landscape that recalls Neptune, the planet farthest from the sun and deprived of all warmth and comforting light, littered with dirty white hills of ice.

So, I am holding my energy like a tantric practice, trying not to burst, until Lee and I leave for Rome nine weeks from today. Yep, Rome. Never been there. Can't wait. For a month. It will be springtime in Rome then.

I am captured by images of Spring Fashion as I consider how to pack ONE BAG for a month. Yikes. Shoes alone could take a bag. A boot, a heel, a walking shoe, my clogs, my slippers. Jeesh.

Here are some great looks from this month's Vogue. They give me hope when I look out my window.

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  1. That was one of my absolute favorite layouts in a long time...Yeah for Rome!! Boo for more snow ;)