Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conversations in Florence: A Couple's Retreat - Coming Fall 2011

Will keep you posted...


What is it that needs to be loved?

The Emotional Bank Account

Tolle's Pain Body

You are not attached at the hip.

What set of problems do you want to deal with?

Structure of Creativity

...and Florence .... the David ... Brunelleschi's dome ... the Giottos .... the Massacios ... the Donatellos. Shopping for antiques south of the Arno, the Ferragamo Shoe Museum, La Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella. The food, the wine, the fashion, the architecture, the gardens, the people - the romance.


  1. just saw that your website now has photos of the kingsfield house you blogged about in august 2010. so happy to see those images.

    lovely work. screamingly good dining chairs!

  2. did i misspell kingsfield?
    well, if i did, you know now what excitement does to me.

    the chandelier from ochre is so lovely. it was the thing that caught my eye when i clicked onto your design page. i clicked quickly to the portfolio and then had to (had to) backtrack: what? what was that? was that the chandelier i saw in a month-old magazine?

    all the rooms are enticing, but the dining room is haunting my morning. what a room.