Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As if Hot Flashes aren't bad enough, it has to be 102 degrees?

It is almost 9. I am sooo ready for bed. Not sleeping. Too hot. Awake every 2 hours soaking my sheets with night sweats. Menopause is stupid. As if aging isn't bad enough, losing your waist and gobbly looking necks, the gods have to throw this at us too? Is this the older woman's version of pimples? Give me pimples anyday. I'm not happy. I have always loved hot weather and humidity - until now! It is like I am in a constant hot flash - a constant Charleston, SC August.

Lee came to hug me tonight and told me I was so hot.

Really? That's so nice of you, honey. But because I am so tired, I don't really feel that "hot."

Then, of course, I realized he meant the temperature of my body was insane. Like dripping. Like boiling. Not the other kind of "hot."

Our apartment is 80 degrees with 3 air conditioners running. I read that the body of a woman having a hot flash rises 6 degrees on the skin! Isn't that like 104 degrees! if our body temp is normally 98.6!!! Jeesh. Too much hot.

Right now, I am sweating on my sofa. Ringing wet. Please advise if you have any tips.
Of course, if I wait a few days, it could be snowing again here in Minnesota.


  1. You ARE fabulously hot...and I'm not talking temperature. Oh, oh, doesn't this suck? So sorry about this double whammy.

  2. I love your blog! I came across it by accident when looking for remedies for hot flashes! I'm working on a theory that Limoncello may be a cure...my husband just made a batch and I've had two tiny glasses in the past hour and no hot flash! We'll see! I'll keep you posted.
    Great blog entries, inc 'what to do with leftover risotto!' I used to write for Bon Appetit...here's my website: www.mllongworth.com
    I'll try to order your Ukranian Style book at my local bookstore (I live in France). Best, Mary Lou Longworth