Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Ever Mexican Food

They sell t-shirts. Before I leave, I'm havin' one!

The kind of salsa you can't stop eating. 

My "new" Margarita - only Cuervo Gold and Triple Sec. 
Bring 3 - 4 slices lime on the side. Salt on top.
Squeeze limes yourself. Never too sugary that way.

 Lee's Chicken Burrito with the freshest black beans and only a bit of rice.
(I think bad Mexican restaurants load up on rice because it is cheap.)
This was mostly chicken and the most delicious lime / jalapeno sauce.

Lee and I drove to Carpinteria today - a short reach from Santa Barbara. We stay here at a Best Western which sounds mostly dull, but is actually really nice - a gorgeous courtyard filled with bougainvilla, banana palm and I don't know what else, but lovely all the same.

It is a place we know. When Lee was a student at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Montecito, this is where they housed many of the companions of the students - we stayed here together on many occasions. Wanting to stay close for dinner (no car!) we got word of a great Mexican place called Delgado's and walked the two blocks. Carpenteria may be 85% Hispanic. It is made up of the working classes  - all those hard-working people who work for the wealthier classes of Santa Barbara. So, we figured a Mexican restaurant in Carpenteria is probably the real deal!

Well, it was as good as we could have imagined. Best ever for me (girl from Iowa and Minnesota.) Even New York doesn't have very good Mexican (authentic) restaurants. Lots of over-priced upscale Mexican, but not much that is just great quality, fresh, fair priced food. This bill including 3 drinks, 2 dinners and guacamole - $45.00.

Delgados in Carpinteria - if you are in the 'hood, don't miss it.

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