Friday, September 9, 2011

A Doctor's Wife

Lee D. Stevens, husband and love of my life, is now officially Lee D. Stevens, Ph.D. in Depth Psychology as of Tuesday. His Ph.D. was conferred upon him by two colleagues at Pacifica Graduate Institute and a third outside reader of his dissertation, a PhD graduate from Stanford. Lee did a wonderful job presenting his defense - 30 minutes (and no more!) to distill the 250 pages of his dissertation into something that made sense. Each of the readers then asked a question to which Lee had to respond. One of them was challenging. An interesting thing that was pointed out is this:

Degrees have been around since the Middle Ages - beginning with the guilds. After a period of apprenticeship, one became a "master". Eventually the doctorates were created, a sign that the student has moved beyond just mastery but has now reached the pinnacle. Only doctors can confer the degree of doctor on another. So, it is an honor to be invited into the fold as your work is judged by those who have already attained this degree of knowledge.

After almost 8 years, lots of work, sacrifice and expense, it's done! Several people congratulated me, too - and I really do get it. We lived apart for 3 of the years when he started this journey in California. He took this past year off to complete the writing while I worked and supported us. I was moved when he began his presentation thanking me for allowing him to do that and for caring for us. I was just happy to have him home again. But, I know now it is a great privilege to not work,  to do what you love, especially when someone else is paying the bills! was my pleasure, Lee D. Can't wait to see what's next for you.
We really celebrated - whoo hoo! Went for a walk on the beach, then to the Worker Bee cafe for breakfast the next morning - that was his only request - in Carpinterea - near Montecito, CA. It was a ritual many of his school buddies repeated each month when they met during the 3 years of classes. Here are some photos of the day, starting with a walk on the beach.

 A little National Geographic on our walk.

 Carpinteria Beach.

View from the beach toward land. Really.

 California sun required that I wear a hat - jeesh - it is so intense.
I never wear a hat like this otherwise!

The Worker Bee Cafe - since 1965. :-)
Love those bisquits and honey!

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