Sunday, December 4, 2011


Lake Harriet in living color. 

Along the pathway.

This weekend, I walked Lake Harriet twice. Yesterday, I was with my sister, Holly, and as we began our walk around the grayed December lake, ice forming like glass along the shoreline, trees barren, like iron weapons threatening the sky, a bald eagle swept before us and took perch on a branch. We were star-struck.

He was smaller than some I've seen, but elegant as always. He poked around, looking for food in the water below, then launched into the sky, swooping and diving, a potent brown and white and gray. Just the colors of the surroundings.

Today I walked with Lee and took these photos.

I love the color of these days. It is difficult to be INSIDE a home on a day like this, but exquisite to be OUTSIDE living within it.

This is the color palette that just makes my heart soar. I can imagine walls painted the white of the snow, wooden floors the color of the trees, a little worn, silk velvets or mohairs for a sofa the color of the water and silk pillows the color of the brush along the shoreline. I would paint the ceiling the color of the sky - milky blue gray. So, so divinely inspired.

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