Friday, December 2, 2011

What to look for in a guy....

I have a new theory that debunks some of the old know...marry rich, marry "up", marry a man who will take care of you...

Having lived through the last 18 years with a man who had less money than the man I was previously married to, who was socially and educationally an equal - not my superior (okay, now he's more highly educated....Dr. Stevens), who only "took care of me" for about 3 of the 18 years we've been together....the rest of it we've shared the responsibility...I would HIGHLY recommend that you look for this in a guy:

  • Find someone who believes in you. Find a man who sees your talent. Find a man who knows who you are when even you don't know. Find a man who is never threatened by your success. Find a man who insists you support yourself. Find a man who only wants you to love how you spend your days. Find a man who doesn't let you make excuses and live for long with doubt - because he doesn't doubt you.  Find that man. 
  • Then, return the favor.
  • You will have more than you need, more magic, and more happiness than you can imagine if you live the life you were meant to live with the support of someone you love and who loves you back. 

That's what to look for in a guy...


  1. "Find a man who knows who you are when even you don't know" ... well said.