Monday, June 10, 2013

Blast to the Past - But SOOOO relevant and funny today. ANNIE HALL

At some point during the gloomy weekend, Lee and I decided we needed to laugh, so we tossed out the idea of watching an old Woody Allen movie. He had recently watched What's New Pussycat and he loved it and I couldn't help but notice the fabulous sets! Worth a couple hours of your time. It was Woody Allen's first movie script and his movie debut as an actor. 

But, as Annie Hall was an all-time favorite movie of mine, I thought it would be fun to watch with Lee, so we did. Neither of us remembered the sub-plot which is a spot-on delirious comparison between New York and LA. Since I last watched the movie, I have lived in both cities. It was really so entertaining.

But the totally coolest thing of all is Diane Keaton's style in this movie. When was the last time you didn't see skin all over the screen? When was the last heroine covered up? Or wearing baggy clothing? Probably not since Annie Hall. It was sooooo refreshing to see a woman who was charming and darling and feminine without being a "HO" :-)

Here are some images. Now that summer began today, I can hardly wait for fall when I can button up my shirts and put on a jacket with baggy pants. I DOOOOOO love baggy pants and always have. 
Give it a think. 

How I LOVE to dress at home. T-shirt and cargos.

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