Saturday, January 11, 2014

New website!

510 Groveland. Photo by Susan Gilmore.

                                             Here's the link to the website : Alecia Stevens

Blasting this out on facebook and my blog because I really am so excited. Kim Kalina, my web "master" and I have been noodling about updating by website for about six months. Just throwing around ideas. Then, over the holidays, with all that down time, I sat down on the sofa and all those disconnected ideas became very clear and visual and I laid out exactly what I saw and Kim put it all together with the touch of her brilliance around "optimization" which I know nothing about!

In the end, we pulled this site together in one week and it was such a great example of that letting down so that ideas can rise up. I've had it happen many times. But constantly forget that it really does work, so all too often, I push and push and push to solve a question when I should really just go take a walk.

I feel like I'm inviting you into my home...come on in. Sit a spell.

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