Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Pioneer Press on Cheese...or is it the Onion?

About two months ago, I was in Paris, in the chic Marais district, strolling with a group of foodies learning all about the passion with which the French make and eat their cheese. There is a cheese course in France, for goddsakes. Like, at the end of the meal before dessert, they actually bring a whole little board of cheese because they can't imagine anything more delightful. And the best cheeses are made of raw milk from the time that the goats or cows or sheep are nursing new young, so the milk is the richest. The little goats graze on lavender during the day and you can taste a hint of the delicate plant in the cheese.

Fast forward to today, here in the heartland, the land of dairy farmers. My compatriot foodie snob, Jacqueline Fortier, sent me this, knowing how much, first, I would laugh, then, after coming to my senses, drop into shock and awe. Yep, this is the local news!

Velveeta Shortage!

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