Sunday, May 20, 2007

La Moda Fiorentina (The Florentine Style)

It is Saturday and I am out and about - meandering in Florence - it is heavenly to have all this time with nothing to do but look, write, walk, eat drink and daydream.
The class ended on Friday with a bang - I still have a few images to share with you from the final day - and Holly, Laurel and I all felt like our legs were pegs - just stiff and tired from all the walking. I dropped into bed like a 10-year old after a long day of summer play at 9:30! So much for the night life in Florence.

So back to the images here.... I am so taken by the fact that both men and women express themselves through clothing here. All ages. I can imagine a scenario like this: a couple is going out for the day and they stand together in the dressing room and decide what to wear together, to compliment the other, playing with the colors, the formality of the outfit, the right accessories. Couples look so chic TOGETHER. I don't remember the last time Lee and I coordinated our outfits! Do we have coordinating outfits???? Well, we will when I return from this trip! These are all from one street in Florence - Tournabuoni - which is known for its Gucci, Pucci, Armani, Ferragmo, Prada - you get the idea. So much fun to watch and window shop as the Italians are masters of design AND display. Enjoy and see if you can pick up a few ideas for "la moda Minneapolis." Good luck.

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  1. Alecia,
    I love all the pictures and your observations. You have to frame some of your photos!
    Gary and I have been in Florence a couple of times. It's been so much fun seeing some of the places we've visited and ones we haven't.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    Have a safe trip home.