Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lunch in the Country

Yesterday, our class was treated to lunch outside of Lucca between villa and garden tours. We arrived about 2:00 and were seated at a long family-style table for 22, under a roof, but with 3 open sides, surrounded by olive trees. the day was perfect at 70 degrees and a blue, blue sky the likes of which I have only seen in California. We were served vino, an anitpasto which I show you here, then soup and dessert with cafe. this took 1.5 hours and cost 18 euro! The restaurant is a member of the Slow Food movement and I think I honestly experienced my first truly "Slow Food" meal. The olives we ate were grown on the property. the service couldn't have been more well-paced and we all just wanted a nap after, but had another villa and garden to see - the best one yet, which will be part of another blog. Here's to slow food, slow love and slow living.

for now, ciao.

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  1. Hi, Alecia! I have never hung out on a blog before, but yours is so gorgeous! I love your photographs and commentary, makes me feel I can experience a bit of the trip I had to miss! Please say hello to Laurel for me and know that you have a loyal subscriber back in MN, a world away. xoxo,