Friday, May 18, 2007

Well, I have some catching up to do. It is not so easy to get to an internet point with our days filled from 9 - 6 with tours, but complain, has been an amazing couple of days. The photos here are of two different villas. The white one I referred to earlier, but simply didn't get it downloaded properly. It is important because it was the first villa ever built (in the mid 1400's by the Medici) for pure pleasure and for a place to get away from the city to relax. (Our modern day cabin???!! Well, that's a stretch.) Before this, the villa was a fortress against either a real or potential enemy and/or a source of income - usually agriculture - animals, wine, olives, etc. For the Medici at this villa, there was no wall for fortification - only an exqisite view of the city of Florence below. It was also one of the first gardens to heavily develop the use of citrus - especially lemon, which we see in almost every garden and was quite rare and exotic. It is often the only color in the Italian garden except greens. And one of my favorite buildings at all of the villas is the "Limonia" - the out building used to store the citrus over the winter months. Both of these villas were owned by Medicis - cousins. Quite the dynasty.

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