Friday, July 25, 2008

Anatomy of an Apartment

On the street where we'll live - (white building). Apartment being painted, but looking fresh! The baseline shots of the apartment in mid-July.

By now, some of you may know that Lee has taken a job in New York and I am bound to follow (follow, follow, follow, follow.) Hey, isn't that some corny song from the '60s'? So back to NY. I am very excited about beginning a life in NY with Lee, even though I'll only be there part of the time. I was never, ever excited about life in LA (although I sort of tried.) One of the problems was that he had really bad apartments or a roommate - yet another story. I need a home. I need to feel like i am grounded in a place. I need my espresso pot, my tea, my bottle of vino, my desk, my pillow - you get the picture. I am someone who hates staying in hotels! That's how much I like a place of my own. If I am traveling, I'd rather rent an apartment for the trip. You get the idea.

So this time I knew I needed to make a place that we would consider ours, a place where I would be excited to spend time. So, Izzy and i found our place a little over a week ago. It is not perfect, but pretty darn good. It is 1.5 blocks from the Metropolitan Museum and 3 blocks from the Rudolf Steiner School where Lee will work - on the Upper East Side (UES in NY lingo), a 4th floor walkup, no laundry on the premises, certainly no DW. And bring your own AC. But it is charming with good bones. High ceilings. All white, old.(Ok - not like Italy old, but like New York sort of old - 1900.) Some of the floors kind of tip.

And I feel like a new bride. I am buying towels, shower curtains, plates, and cutting boards. I am taking inventory of all my furniture and tallying up what I can part with in service of creating a fabulous little NY pad. And I am going to keep you posted on the progress. how do you do an apartment on a MODEST budget - mostly with what you have? I have a vision - how do I realize it and stay financially solvent? It might be a "Looks for Less" piece in a magazine - we'll see when it is finito!

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