Monday, July 7, 2008


The jacket of my dreams....

Detail of the fab flannel lining - it will keep the blustery New York winds at bay.

"Custom made by Berlin Glove Company, Berlin, Wis, From Customers Leather"
(I guess they were deer hunters...)

Bingo. I hit the jackpot. I scored. All work for me.

Today I was shopping for props for a Country Home magazine shoot. Antique shops are just the spot for Country Home - they like the real deal whenever possible. So I'm looking for a vintage homespun runner for a table - linen, creamy, simple. And I find a little something that is small - it is called a hand towel - but used in the right way, it could maybe be a runner (that gets into the tricks of the trade and how you set up a shot!)

I look up and see the jacket of my dreams. It is vintage - probably 1950's - deer skin with a modest amount of fringe on it and a tie belt. Now, I have been looking to replace the green suede Ralph Lauren jacket I bought at a resale shop a few years ago - I just wore the thing out. I needed a fall jacket - to wear with jeans, for everyday.

Well....BINGO. I saw the jacket and, although it looked a bit small, I thought I'd try it. Now Izzy walks up at just the time I am trying to get it off the wall and she is all about it! "I've been wanting a fringe jacket for ever. For EVER, MOM. You wouldn't take that out from under me, would you? I'm your daughter."

"Go ahead and try it. But it's mine." I am totally competitive. This thing is in my closet!

She tries it, finds a mirror - loves it. I try it - it is perfect. Like it was made for me. the thing has a flannel plaid lining! It was custom made for someone out of deerskin. I use that as a ploy for my vegetarian daughter. "Iz, it is made of a cute little deer. You wouldn't want it."

"Mom, I wear leather. Haven't you noticed?"

"Sorry honey, this one is mine. I love you, but I'm keeping this find. Buy a new one at the Western store."

"You think I'm gonna' buy some honky tonk shit with fringe down to here?" (She really did say this and I laughed so hard I started to tear up. Isabelle is very, very sarcastic.)"God, aren't parents supposed to sacrifice for their children? And why do you need it? You are married. Why do you need to look good?"

"Because of my profession? Whatever. It's mine."

"I'm stealing it."

She's telling the truth. It will end up in her room, just like the belt I found today and the tank top I found last week and the pants she was wearing tonight.'s mine. And, for $95. it rocks.

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