Sunday, July 20, 2008

From one coast to the other.

Scenes from San Francisco.

Just back from New York on Wednesday (and yes!!! we found an apartment - but that is another entry.)

Lee has been telling me for years "the west is the best." Some of you already know what I think of that. I'm more east coast, old, antiques, manners, traditions. And after three years hanging in LA, I was all the more convinced I was oriented in the right direction. Well, San Francisco is another matter. We are here for five days while I have the absolute pleasure of working with client and her husband on a home in Sausalito and they are generous enough to put us up in their weekend condo ON THE WATER - our little love nest for the week. A beautiful gray spotted seal just sway by my window.

We arrived yesterday, took the BART to the city, had lunch at a great little outdoor cafe and after hearing the raves about the Ahi Tuna here, had an ahi tuna sandwich while Lee had this divine little rabe and sausage pizza, after which we walked around the Farmer's Market and I was so overcome by the "gimmes" I forgot to even shoot a picture. I wanted every bunch of lavendar, every fresh strawberry, every jar of honey. The goods were displayed in these beautiful market baskets, people were gathered at the dock eating fresh guacamole from a vendor, fresh organic sausage dogs from another. It was - without question - the best farmer's market I have ever seen. Gives you some kind of hope.

Today we just drove around the area to some of Lee's favorite spots - under a one-way tunnel to the ocean where it was windy and cold and I might have been in northern Scotland. We did the overlook of the Golden Gate where we were EACH assaulted by Asian tourists and asked to take their picture. Literally, assaulted. One came up behind me, grabbed me by the back - at which point I naturally turned around to see what or who was being so intimate. There she was. Okay, not to be racist, but what is with the Asian tourists and their pictures? Lee didn't ask me to take his picture. I didn't even think about it. I didn't even think of asking anyone to take our picture. Is this one of those cases where something is wrong with me and not them? Or just - que sera. Each to their own....

All for now... next, i'll show you pictures of little Sausilito. But we're off to have have vino and dinner.

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