Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bibbity "Bauble-ty" Boo

Necklace and Bracelet - Total cost: $20.98

These were $5.99 each!


The splurge - $12.50 each.

Well, it was the week of the balls, so Cinderella is on my mind. I wasn't there. I was cozy at home in my pjs watching the prince and princess dance ten different times to "At Last". I'm sure they were thinking "At Last" when the final ball and dance was done! They could head back to their new digs, probably looking wide-eyed at each other and wondering what on earth have they just gotten themselves into.

But, back to baubles. I have a meeting tomorrow and although black is always good in New York, now that things are more hopeful around here, I thought a touch of color would be nice. But, I'm not about spending money these days. Who is?

I went out to run some errands - to get some new sox (oh, the little things!) and a pair of jeans for Lee who would wear the same old mustard-stained raggedy things (not cool raggedy) to the balls himself before ever submitting to shopping for a new a pair. So I just buy them and bring them home. I was at Gap in NY and ran into someone I know. (That seems just so impossible in NY, but it happens all the time!)

We traded woeful stories of the economy (her husband is on Wall Street) and talked about how we both just put blinders on these days to keep from being tempted. She admitted to buying two colorful t-shirts - just for some sign of spring. I bought my black socks and a pair of $49 jeans for Lee and was on my way out when.....I was beckoned to a counter with sale jewelry.

I have been noticing that J.Crew is doing the cutest, chunkiest, most colorful jewelry these days and - well, after the inauguration - all things J.Crew are on the A List. This jewelry reminded me of that and was - now here's the good part - on sale for prices like $5.99, $14.99, 12.50! For this, I can splurge. So I just loaded up. And I'll have some colorful baubles to wear on my wrist tomorrow and feel just a little happier doing it. Cinderella, eat your heart out!

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